Saturday, January 3, 2015

 This is a Junk Journal that I designed from scratch.. I used a file folder to create the wrap around cover. I believe the way it is designed the cover will expand nicely as the Journal is brought to life with the collectors found items even if the items are of a chunky nature. 

 There are three signatures in this journal. I used waxed linen thread to do the binding.
 Some of the pages are 6 inches in width and some are 5 inches. The entire Journal is 8 - 3/4 inch high. 
 The five inch pages all have a fold out flap to house even more treasures.

 I used some ink sprays to give the pages a more aged look to match the papers. 

 Inside of this back cover under the strand of ribbon is a vintage paper bag to hold even more treasure!

 This is the back of the Journal when closed.
This is the paper line I used to design this Junk Journal.. I love anything vintage! I guess that is because I am vintage myself!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Well that is all I am going to add at this time. I have more but I think it is time for me to take a nap. Thank you for stopping by to look at my projects! Happy sticking stuff together day!
Just Breathe
This canvas was fun.. the background is colored using Gelatos. Gotta love those Gelatos.. and many pretty things and layers of fun to make a finished airy looking piece. 
Back in time
Mixed Media.. I love the vintage look of things. This piece uses many different paints, inks, and found things to add texture.  It is one of my favorites so far!  "Envision"
Mixed Media... This piece uses a piece of wood (actually it was the top of a wooden cigar box) as the substrate. The colors in the background is thread wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more around the piece of wood then I used a gel medium to stick it together. There is modeling paste and paint to add more texture and of course Scrabble tiles for the "Don't Worry Be Happy" quote. I had just listened to this song before adding the tiles and although I had heard the song jillions of times in the past, I really listened to the words this time and they really do send a message, Especially the way the world is today.
Mixed media.. There are many things happening on this canvas. Paint, buttons, metal, beads and other found objects. It makes for an interesting piece that takes awhile to see. I named it "Be Yourself" which sometimes we forget to do as we get to involved in pleasing others.  Not that that is a bad thing. But none the less.. Be Yourself..

I always have at least one art journal happening at all times. I never know what is going to end up in my art journal. Some pages are just a sloppy gloppy mess but other pages turn out kinda cool. But is for me and me alone so it is all ok.